With this Atlas of Ideas, we want to contribute to changing the current way of thinking about education. The Atlas offers the opportunity to examine what education can look like and what we want it to be from a wider and higher perspective.

The Atlas can be used to open new topics, deepen ongoing discussions, and critically assess various proposals. With its help, we can look for solutions that are in line with our own expectations and priorities, but also to understand the expectations and priorities of other people. We can thus discuss different options, their contexts and consequences, and attempt to achieve agreement. This makes it possible to take steps that will lead to a well though-out transformation of the education system so as to better meet the needs of children.

The Atlas does not offer ready-made solutions, but rather ideas that should be considered and discussed before taking action.

Share your comments and ideas with us on how to move education forward. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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„Learning is not just about school, we also learn from people other than teachers.“


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